Founder & Vice President

Don Fang

Don is a founder and the Vice President of AIME USA, where he currently is stationed in Shanghai, China and overseeing all of our operations in and out of China.His role includes supervision and management across a variety of different areas including procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and sales in the region.He deals extensively with every step of the business process, specifically focusing through the lens of China, and ensures maximum productivity and efficiency.

Don has an in-depth, detailed background in information technology and works in the private equity asset management industry, where he manages assets for large financial institutions and invests in fast-growing companies in both the technological sphere and in other industries. Previously, he was an executive in technology companies such as Accenture and Microsoft. He lives dually in Seattle, WA and Shanghai, China, and is also a managing director in an institutional asset management company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Don Fang

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