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AIME was created by a collaborative group of innovative senior executives, each with several years of experience living and working abroad. Many of us are veterans, and all of us are American patriots.

Senior Leadership Team

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Founder & Vice President
Don Fang
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Director of Sales
Robert L. Wilske
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General Counsel
Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq.
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Vice President of Operations
Brian McGinity
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Vice President of Customer Relations
Harvey Jones
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Vice President of Logistics
Tim Kilraine
Our Mission



rom first responders to medical professionals to essential workers, AIME provides a suite of products and services that allow you to do your job without worrying about where your equipment came from or when you’ll be able to get more. Focused on increasing vitality while living through the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we ensure that no one tampers with your critical products from the manufacturing floor to the port of entry. Our authentic protective apparel goes through rigorous testing and meets strict FDA guidelines, and we follow the highest quality standards to make sure you get the protection you need.


AIME’s long-term vision is to establish itself as one of the premier American manufacturers and distributors of high-quality personal protective equipment in order to address the pressing global and national shortage of medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

Our specifically focused goal is to eliminate U.S. dependence on foreign suppliers for critical personal protective equipment. By fall of 2020, we plan to be manufacturing our own line of high-quality, FDA-certified personal protective equipment made in the U.S. with components sourced from the U.S. or our overseas facilities.

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Hear from our experts on the latest cutting-edge developments in their fields and learn more about our mission to become a premier American manufacturer and distributor of life saving medical devices.
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